Ha-Mim Coding Letters Table Entry Level - 2 Ver:1.0
Description: People cannot bring the like of the Qur'an. I say this based on the NUMERICAL STRUCTURE it contains. I think that those who bring the numeric structure can also bring a text that contains this numeric structure. There is no criterion regarding the writing of the text, its literary structure, the number of words in the verses, the number of sentences. Therefore, it will be sufficient for me to bring the numerical structure, the rest will be evaluated by theologians, historians or men of letters. Those who claim to bring the like of the Qur'an must first bring the NUMERICAL STRUCTURE and then the text.
You can use this link to get information about the criticism of the criteria and the answers given.           You can download the criteria as an Excel file here      (Summary Info)
General Criterion: Bring 7 fabricated surahs. All the surahs you bring must have the same starting sentence. The total number of verses of 7 surahs is min. 400 should be 500 max. Verses should be numbered, the beginning sentence should not be numbered. These surahs you bring should have 2 coding letters and the first verse of each surah should consist of these letters, (Ha-Mim). In the second verse of the 3rd surah of the group, there should also be 3 more coding letters (Ayn-Sin-Kaf) and the verse should consist of these letters.
Criterion-1: Bring 7 fabricated Surahs. These surahs you will bring must have 2 coding letters. The table consisting of the numbers of the coding letters of each surah should contain 3-digit numbers in the first column and 2-digit numbers in the second column. These numbers will be created automatically by taking the numerical values (8 and 40) of the letters Ha and Mim, which you will enter in the future.
Qur'an Orijinal Coding
Surah Name/No Mim (40) Ha (8) Total
40-Mü'min 380 64 444
41-Fussilet 276 48 324
42-Şûrâ 300 53 353
43-Zuhruf 324 44 368
44-Duhân 150 16 166
45-Câsiye 200 31 231
46-Ahkaf 225 36 261
Total: 1855 292 2147
Fabricated Surah Coding
Surah Name/No Mim (40) Ha (8) Total:
Criterion-2: The sum of the coding letters in the 7 surahs you will bring must be divided by 19 exactly. (Reşat Khalifa - 1984)
Criterion-3: The division (ratio) of the sum of the coding letters in the 7 surahs you will bring to the sum of the digits of the letter numbers must be equal to 19.
Probability value approximately 1/40 (Milan Sulc - 1993) Total probability value: 1/19 x 1/40 = 1/760
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